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      MyScript is a favourite pet project of developers from Open Source software community and Enterprise application developers.

      The intention of myscript is to make users life easy by delivering software and mostly tiny software or set of tiny software.

      Pricing of scripts are still a mystery but present pricing model is charge per instruction.
      preset charges are 0.3USD per instruction.

      For example, there is a script that will remind you to send an email every evening that is one instruction only cost around 0.3USD and script to extrapolate predictable data lets say 5 instruction can cost 0.3x5= 1.5USD.

      It's a beta project and still under development.

      MyScript work on an ideology of affordable software for all and a better world. If you are on myscript platform you are automatically trackers free as you own the software.
      Its preferable for research and personal computing stuff.

      your requested script will be delivered to you with the source code so MyScript mostly Open Source.